Airdrie Ulster Scots

The Flags of Our Fathers

If you were to purchase a flag for display, for outside your home, for a sporting event or for whatever other reason you may purchase a flag, the first thing you would notice is it’s size. The standard size for buying a flag is 3ft x 5ft, it is amazing to think that within that 15 ft of cloth, what is sewn, what is printed or screenshot onto that material has the ability to either unite people or divide them.


This is the very purpose of this section; this section will take a candid, historical and even handed look at the flags that are popular in both Scotland and Ulster. The flags are displayed for display purposes only and the images shown do not mean that we are in tune with all of the ways the respective flags are used.


Now myself, I see them for what they are, symbols that were meant to unite. On the flip side of the coin, these self same symbols of unity have the possibility of dividing. (Depending on the perception of the people who are viewing them)


This section does not condone the use of these flags to promote any political or divisive ideals. (Regardless of the bias of the people who wish to push these agenda’s) Flags on there own have no way of inciting division, which happens when people perceptions are challenged by what is placed in front of them.


To let you know where my bias lies, I am an Airdrie man, lived most of the first 27 years of my life in the town, seen this argument from both sides and graduated from Caldervale High, outside my wife, child, family and faith my interests are Rugby Union and Football. I am also a keen historian; I left West Central Scotland for California in 2007.


As you may have noticed, my name is from Ulster, Mc Cafferty comes from the Clan Mac Gafraidh’s, and legend has it we were the fighting muscle for the MacGuire clan in Fermanagh, Derry and Tyrone. Mac Gafraidh in modern day English means “son of Godfrey”.


I am fully aware that some of the images seen in this section are used to promote political groups, terrorist groups and some are used to justify their interpretation of history, we do not wish to have any part in these discussions.


In short, what I am saying is this section is for historical and cultural purposes only. Please forward any questions to the owner of the website and I am sure he will be happy to forward them to myself.


William S. Mc Cafferty